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Putting an acurate value on a car isnt as easy as you might at first think. Two guides are commonly used within the trade "Glass's" and "CAP" and although these give a "guide" price for cars ultimately a vehicle is only ever worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.
For example a dealer that specialises in 4x4 vehicles is more likely to pay a good price for your Land Rover Discovery than a dealer that mainly dealers in small economical cars. Location can play an important role in values too. Dealers know their typical type of customer so if most of their customers tend to be young, they will concentrate on small, cheap to insure vehicles over sporty large engined cars.
So really the only way to make sure you are getting an acurate and fair valuation for your car is to offer it to as many varied dealers and cash for car sites as possible and most importantly try to stay clear of the "instant valuation" sites. An instant valuation just isnt possible, how can a computer value a car acurately? The software will either work on the safe side and undervalue the car or will over value and waste your time when you try to complete the sale by reducing the offer. "Some companies have been well known to do the later"

Been offered more for your car in Part Exchange?

So many people fall into the trap of thinking that they have been offered an excellent part exchange value for their car but this isnt always as clear as it seems. For example if you have been offered an extremely high price for your old car this should start your alarm bells ringing. This generally means you are paying too much for the car you are buying, maybe its been in stock for months and months or the price is over-inflated.

The other thing with part exchange is that the offer that you think is great is probably not as transparent as you think.
Lets take the following example.-

Mr Smith is buying a new car for £10,000 and has been offered £5,000 in part exchange giving him a figure to change of £5,000.

Mr Smith uses the dealerbid website and obtains a cash offer for his car of £4,500. Now although the change figure is higher by £500 Mr Smith is now in a position where he has no part exchange and can negotiate a better price for the car he is buying. Lets say the dealer offers him £750 off the screen price with no part exchange the change figure is now £4750 making Mr Smith £250 better off.

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Just wanted to say what a great service you offer, had 5 or 6 offers for my vehicle within 24 hours of listing and managed to secure a sale which was very straight forward and easy. Many Thanks

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