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How dealerbid works

The UK's No.1 Cash for Car comparison website

dealerbid.co.uk was the first website of its kind launched in 2008 and is the UK's biggest cash for car comparison site. With hundreds of dealers across the UK registered the site allows you to offer your vehicle to various different companies nationwide.
These companies vary, some are Main Franchise Dealers who will only specialise in one make of vehicle but being main dealers will often be stronger buyers of newer vehicles. Other buyers include specialist buyers of high performance and prestigous vehicles, car supermarkets, brokers and cash for car websites who you may also have found online.
We buy any car by offering your car to lots of different buyers across the UK you greatly increase your chances of a quick sale but usually at a higher price than anywhere else, purely down to the fact we have so many different car buyers and are the most established and biggest site of our kind.

Why a Cash for Car comparison website to sell my car?

Most people now know that "cash for car" sites on the net buy cars direct from the public at low prices so they can then sell them onto car dealers for a quick profit, thats fair enough because thats how their business model works but its not such good new for the seller.

Because the cash for car sites are acting as a middleman between the seller and the eventual dealer buyer there is a margin of money that the seller is ultimately losing out on.
dealerbid.co.uk - the cash for car comparison website helps the seller keep that money in their own pocket by eliminating the cash for car companies and offering vehicles direct to the dealers that buy cars to retail.

More offers, competing offers with no middleman means more money for you.


Just wanted to say what a great service you offer, had 5 or 6 offers for my vehicle within 24 hours of listing and managed to secure a sale which was very straight forward and easy. Many Thanks

The Benefits

  • Hundreds of potential buyers
  • Competing cash offers from dealers across the UK
  • No middleman
  • Hassle free quick sale
  • Dealers that are willing to travel and collect
  • Get a better deal on your new car with no part exchange
  • Dealers that are willing to travel and collect
  • They can deal with any outstanding finance
  • The same method the trade uses
  • The biggest comparison site of its kind

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